One City, Under the Syringe

An in-depth special report for San Francisco, October 2017

“Nobody wants to be stuck in a park dropping their drawers and injecting in their groin. That’s not an ambition when people begin to use drugs,” says Paul Harkin, HIV services manager for Glide. But as condos encroach on SoMa alleys and SROs are cleared out in favor of hotels, shooting up in public has become a necessary evil for many people who inject drugs. That might soon change, as San Francisco is poised to become the first U.S. city to open supervised injection facilities. 

The Burning Season

The Big Roundtable

A wildfire, like any fire, needs only three things to exist: fuel, heat and oxygen. Eliminate any one element and the fire dies, but provide them in ample supply and it can send 160-foot flames to the tops of trees. Wilderness is the best fuel, with no concrete or metal to get in the way, no sidewalks and pavement and bricks. Just dead grass, shrubs, sapling trees, moss like a candle’s wick, a tinderbox of withered foliage. With these raw materials, a fire can get creative.

Tax The Land, Save The People

San Francisco, November 2017

The year is 2037, and San Francisco is thriving. The housing crisis is a distant memory. Homelessness is at an all-time low. Companies are flocking to San Francisco, since it levies no business, sales, or income taxes. High-quality education is available to all who want it, and San Francisco teachers can afford to live well in the city. Any resident can get medical care without paying a dime. Muni is free—and so efficient that Chariot no longer exists. And all of that bounty is funded by the multibillion-dollar gold mine under our feet, beneath Mission taquerias, SoMa high-rises, Haight-Ashbury bong shops, Alamo Square Victorians, and Outer Sunset surf shacks. San Francisco, in this idyllic fantasy, hasn’t struck oil or started fracking. Instead, it has finally realized the wildest dreams of a man named David Giesen. 

To Make This Land Home Again

Pacific Standard

Sue Hoberg could hear the wildfire’s roar grow louder as she moved frantically about her house, throwing armloads of clothing and keepsakes into a bag. Wind had carried burning debris from a nearby and swiftly growing wildfire to the forest behind their home; she could smell the smoke thickening inside, see spot fires flare up in the trees as she grabbed any last mementos.

Everything Under the sun

The Verge

"Even the basics of climate change are still being debated in the 2016 election"
"Cook’s Science demystifies the magic of good cooking"
"Prince’s Paisley Park home will be open for tours soon"
"Claims that 'deep ocean water' rehydrates athletes twice as fast don’t hold up"
"The Verge Review of Animals: the Steller's jay"
"Florida declares algae emergency"
"Why doctors are struggling to treat the gun violence epidemic"
"Why Bolivia turned away Bill Gates' chicken donation"
"Three babies born in the US with Zika-related birth defects"
"Apple announces updates to CarPlay and Maps"
"How to make runny egg yolk into delicious sauce using science"
"Wall Street loans Uber $1 billion to offer subprime auto leases"
"Google's AI engine is reading 2,865 romance novels to be more conversational"
"This website connects the trans community with supportive doctors"
"Uber's new policy fines riders who are two minutes late"
"This startup delivers HIV-prevention pills to your doorstep via an app"
"Fracking contaminated underground water in Wyoming"
"How bacteria, fungi, and mold are finding a home in high-end kitchens"
"Microsoft co-founder Allen names another science venture after himself"
"Get a rare satellite view of last night's eclipse"
"Watch a beetle water ski with its claws"
"Acidic seas really do harm coral reefs — but the harm can be reversed"
"Big data knows if you're pregnant"
"Donald Trump on Apple encryption battle: 'Who do they think they are?'"
"Twitter’s earnings report shows its user base is shrinking"

Metro Silicon Valley / San Jose Inside

"Prop. 64 Win Opens Floodgates for On-Demand Cannabis"
"Plastics Industry Attempts to 'Manipulate the System' with Competing Bag Ban Propositions"
"Death Penalty Duel: Voters to Decide between Props. 62, 66"
"Agha's Gyro Express Leads the Way for Local Halal Scene"
"City Hall Rally on Local Police Killings Leads to Policy Debate"
"Conservation Meets Tech At Nerds for Nature"
"Advances in Robotic Surgeries Lead to Higher Demand Despite Marketing, Regulation Concerns"
"San Jose Made Launches ‘First Saturdays’ Fair on The Alameda"
"Former IPA Files Complaint over 8th Police Shooting This Year"
"MOOYAH is No Ordinary Fast Food Joint"
"Palo Alto Creamery Fountain & Grill Specializes in Seasonal Pies"
"Silicon Valley Leaders Celebrate Same-Sex Marriage Ruling"
"San Jose to Open Streets to Cycle, Foot Traffic for ‘Viva CalleSJ’"
"Crowdfunding App Gives Homeless a ‘Hand Up’"
"Social Justice Forum Tackles Housing, Homeless Rights"
"San Pedro Square Market to Host ‘Wine Pour’"
"School Rally: Madison Nguyen Proposes UC San Jose Campus"
"Chef Jose Andres Offers Lessons From Beyond the Kitchen at ICC"
"Burma Bistro Combines Thai Food With An Indian Buffet"
"Mike Honda Comes Out Swinging at Challenger Ro Khanna"